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Broken arm and happy surprises!

My first experience of Bowen Therapy was 15 years ago; pregnant and overdue!

A Bowen therapist carried out a very small amount of Bowen on my legs. The next day my daughter was born! The Bowen therapist undoubtedly had something to do with that arrival!

Last year, when I broke my arm, I had various sorts of holistic therapies that all worked exceptionally well. Further down the line, while all was improving, I noticed my arm becoming tighter, and then my mind returned to the releasing Bowen treatment of 15 years ago.

By chance, I discovered Selina of Bowen Whitstable.

After a very hilarious telephone conversation, I signed up to 3 treatments.

After a full medical history and physical assessment, we got going with the treatment. Selina and I had great banter and even though the treatment was so gentle, I couldn't really move or speak for a few hours after – it knocked me out! There were all sorts of effects for a few days – improving old ailments that I had forgotten about and had just learnt to accept.

Pain from a 20 year old back injury, simply vanished. It wasn’t even the reason I went for the treatment.

My tight chest and lungs; all trapped for years because of the bad back, were released after a 4th treatment.

My 7 year old C-section scar behaved most mysteriously to MSTR scar treatment and feels much more comfortable.

The improvements to my whole body in terms of mobility, pain and overall benefit are far greater than I could ever have hoped for.

My arm tightness and pain has disappeared, although that will need some work while the injury continues to recover.

I can’t recommend Selina enough. She knows the treatment will work and is quietly confident in the ability of Bowen to help anyone. My husband has gone for his first treatment today and I will continue to recommend Selina wherever I go.

Thank you so much Selina for your kindness and patience.

Runner’s injuries – sustained improvement

As a runner, over the years I find myself visiting various practitioners; osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc. My injuries and issues generally require 5-6 appointments. Having rested I then return to running, and find that very soon my issues return, and I have to go back for another few episodes of treatment.

In June this year, I went for Bowen Therapy (gentle fascia release), and had 3 appointments. My various pains and injuries eased, and the daily headaches vanished (which I had been experiencing from ongoing mental stress).

I have kept running and feel well and now, looking back over the 3 months since seeing Selina, I can say that my body has continued to improve, whilst I have continued to run and cycle daily. Even the plantar fasciitis I have had for over a year has now begun to soften.

I wish I had gone for Bowen therapy earlier. It really is a useful therapy treatment! It is so sensitive and relaxing when you’re having it, that you wonder if it will work and ease your aches and pains – it definitely does! The improvement is sustained as your body begins to thrive from the treatment and it mends.

I wholeheartedly recommend Bowen, especially if you want to get back to running like you used to be able to.

Go try out Bowen Whitstable, Bowen Therapy by Selina Firth.

Chronic back pains

I was introduced to Selina Firth by a friend of mine who had also suffered chronic back pain problems, and who had achieved great results with Selina. Having suffered for 3 years, visiting countless GPs, chiropractors, osteopaths and even acupuncturists that provided only short-term relief; I was sceptical of this therapy I’d never heard of before.

Selina first explained what ‘fascia’ is, and how it affects the whole body. I then had 5 incredibly relaxing, pain free, and non invasive treatments over 5 weeks. Selina also advised me on a few simple things to do between sessions to further aid my recovery. 6 months later I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have had little to no back pain whatsoever, and as a result I’ve been able to resume a hectic lifestyle including carrying my children, and sports activities.

I would highly recommend Selina’s therapy at Bowen Whitstable.

Physical improvements & mental clarity

Selina’s healing was magical. Her kind and serene way of explaining and demonstrating Bowen Therapy convinced me to give it a go. During the sessions, she was always open and didactic, while down to earth and fun. While her bodywork consists of very gentle touches, I needed some serious rest after seeing her. I found my visits to Selina’s consultation to provide me not only improved physical health, but also clarity of mind and profound insights. I definitely recommend her.

Nervous clicking joints

My 11 year old daughter has had a destabilising couple of years, big changes in our family and moving city and homes several times. She developed a constant clicking, like a tick, in her shoulder joints, she seemed soothed by it, whilst it did the absolute opposite for me!! Selina has a very non-patronising way of being with children – she deals with them like they are equals, to be respected, and this meant my daughter’s shyness dissipated and she gained a lot of trust, she is always happy to be in her company and be treated by her is a treat and a nurturing relationship has been built that has done wonders for her confidence. And the joint clicking has disappeared.

Adrenal exhaustion

I had been suffering from exhaustion after a really turbulent period in my life, feeling burnt out and having neglected myself entirely. Selina’s care and focus realigned me. I felt gently but firmly supported through her conscientious, holistic approach and really rejuvenated by the experience.

Sorted wonky back and hip (cycle accidents)

Totally sorted a wonky hip I have had from bike accidents. Selina has the most gentle magical touch.

Sorted my back, fantastic!

Fantastic sorted my back pain out – thank you – book yourself a treatment.

Back pain under control

Bowen is an excellent therapy. Very gentle and thoroughly relaxing. Chemical therapies have failed me miserably but the Bowen is keeping my discomfort controlled. Thank you S.

Babies and children

I can’t recommend Selina enough. She’s great with babies and children!!

Long term back pain – profound results

Such a gentle therapy but with powerful and profound results. Thank you for the treatment. My back feels great.

Long-term back/pelvic pain

After a recommendation I decided to give Bowen ago. I’m glad I did as the results have been very helpful. I would highly recommend. Many thanks

Profoundly enabled return to alignment

Selina is a highly skilled, sensitive and professional practitioner. When I first had a treatment I wasn’t sure what to expect but felt safe and happy with Selina and how she worked with me. Bowen treatments seem to have gently yet profoundly enabled and encouraged my body to return to itself and alignment. What a gift – thank you Selina!

Wonderful experience

My treatments were a wonderful experience. It felt so good to explore the subtlety of the therapy and feel the ongoing affects afterwards. Just learning the allow the body to relax and find its balance again was wonderful.

Severe leg pain x 15 years. 2 Bowen treatments

Selina’s therapy is amazing! I had a leg pain for something like 15 years. It reduced the quality of my life considerably: I hated not being able to go for long hikes and fell-walking in the Lakes and Scotland. The tentative diagnosis was stenosis in the lower spine, but nothing, including strong pain killers, injections, physiotherapy and acupuncture would shift it. Two sessions with Selina changed everything, and I have now been pain free for nearly a year!

Miraculous results

I approached Bowen with an “OK, let’s give it a go” mentality and have been thoroughly converted. The results are nothing short of miraculous. Selina’s healing hands have made a big positive impact on our household, restoring balance to our lives and bodies. And the treatments are such an indulgence too – non invasive, gentle, soporifically soothing; Bowen feels more like a spa treat than a solution for pain and discomfort. Thank you Selina!

Amazing achievements with delicate movements

Its amazing how much can be achieved with such small delicate movements as Selina works her Bowen magic – I feel like I’d had a serious in-depth sports massage, but in fact had been dealt with ever so gently, and some how it makes sense….

Reynauds disease – relief in 5 minutes!

I suffer from Reynauds disease which means the tips of my fingers go painfully white when I get cold. I happened to have an episode whilst I was with Selina and she offered to help. In less than 5 minutes of Bowen she had the blood flowing back into them and the pain had gone! This is truly remarkable, it usually takes at least 20 minutes to improve on its own and nothing I have ever done before has helped. Thank you Selina.

Back/hip pain

I had a couple of Bowen treatments with Selina last year for an ongoing back/hip problem that has bothered me for years. The treatment is so gentle and Selina is very intuitive about what your body needs. The effects are profound though and over time the healing increases as your body seems to realign itself. Highly recommend!

Recurrent sciatica

I came to see Selina because I had a recurrent Sciatica type pain that extended from my left buttock/hip to my ankle, and on this occasion down my arm. I had slight numbness and pins and needles through both my arms. Having had this type of feeling before after lifting heavy objects or bending forwards a lot, and while pregnant, I put it down to the heavy gardening I had been doing that week. I had heard good reviews from friends about Bowen, so hoped it would have a positive effect.

Selina asked me lots of questions and watched while I showed her how I would lift and how I would dig. Then I lay on the treatment table (you stay fully clothed) and Selina began the first of two sessions that I was to have. The Bowen itself is gentle and relaxing mostly although at one point Selina took my ankles and pumped my legs up and down, releasing any tension from around my hips/lower back. After 1 session the pins and needles had completely disappeared, as had all the numbness. I had a 2nd session a week later and since then (2 years ago) I have been free from pain!

Interestingly, I still do gardening, and sometimes it’s heavy work but I haven’t had any of the Sciatica type symptoms back at all. It was only the other day I had a stiffness in the left hip area and thought it might be time to go and have the 3rd session that I thought I’d need and never did! However my body seems to be finding its own way of fixing itself, and the problem hasn’t hung around long enough for me to book an appointment!

I would thoroughly recommend Bowen for any Sciatica type pains, numbness and pins and needles as the way it works makes it very effective in this area. Writing this has made me remember how great I felt after the sessions, and you know what, I will book that 3rd session!!

Migraine relief, lasting relief & daughter’s ‘stuck’ neck

I suffer from migraines and on the recommendation of a friend visited Selina. I still had the after effects of a bad headache and the gentle but very effective treatment offered by Bowen brought real relief. So much so, that when my 10 year old daughter woke up with a “stuck” neck a few months later, I took her to see Selina. The result was very impressive. She gained movement in her neck and I could see the result immediately after treatment. It had a lasting impact on her as she talked about how much relief she had from it weeks later. Thank you.

Widespread chronic pain

I had Bowen from Selina and it was an amazing experience. She put me at ease and listened to my issues. She tailored the treatment to my needs. I came out of the treatment feeling really relaxed. I have wide spread pain and it helped to ease it. It was a physical and emotional experience of which Selina supported me through with her skill and knowledge. It is a very gentle but powerful therapy. Thank you.

9 year-old daughter’s ankle tendon

Selina recently treated my 9 year old daughter who has a clicking problem with her ankle tendon. She was unable to click the tendon back into place so we saw Selina who was able to gently realign it back into place using Bowen technique. I was amazed at how gentle the treatment was and how professional Selina was with my daughter. And my daughters ankle has been so much better since the treatment too! She also had such a lovely way about her that my daughter loved and felt very at ease with her. I would highly recommend Selina, you won’t be disappointed!

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