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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is fascial release. It is a naturally gentle and non-invasive treatment suitable for all the family.

Bowen Treatment

Treatment is gentle and relaxing, given over light clothing, and carried out at a relaxed, focused pace. Bowen enables the body to rebalance, reset and restore function through a series of gently-rolling connective-tissue moves. These moves are made by thumb and fingertips on precise points on the body. Holistic assessments are carried out at every session. We often find that the place of pain may not necessarily be the primary source of dysfunction.

Most common ailments are generally resolved within 3 to 4 treatments. Chronic (long term) conditions may take a little longer, dependent on each individual case.

Bowen has been observed to help with:

  • pain management
  • muscular and skeletal pain
  • sports injuries
  • nerve pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • whiplash
  • hyper-mobility syndrome
  • chronic fatigue
  • headaches and migraines
  • asthma, allergies
  • hay fever
  • stress and tension
  • sleep problems
  • digestive issues
  • hormone imbalance
  • fertility
  • pregnancy
  • new borns

Added benefits of treatment are improved sleep quality, increased energy, improved concentration and focus, overall relaxation and a more positive outlook on life.

Athletes and performing artists are discovering that regular Bowen treatment enhances performance and reduces the incidence of injury. When injury does occur, especially soft tissue damage, Bowen can bring rapid relief and a quick return to practice.

What is Fascia

Fascia is everywhere, controlling everything, forming our body, keeping everything in order.

Fascia is a highly resilient, responsive, opaque, connective tissue primarily made of collagen. The fascia is a body wide system which lies beneath the skin attaching, stabilising, enveloping and separating every muscle and organ.

The fascia and the nervous system are two separate entities but work together as an integrated whole.

Bowen treatment, through gentle pressure on fascia, communicates to the nervous system that there is no longer any need for increased tension in that area. So, by influencing deeply held tensions in one part part of the body, we begin to initiate a cascading effect of unraveling and releasing of tensions in other parts of the body and also in the mind.

Acupuncture channels of the East are the fascial planes of the West
Daniel Keown, The Spark in the Machine’

Selina recently treated my 9 year old daughter who has a clicking problem with her ankle tendon. She was unable to click the tendon back into place so we saw Selina who was able to gently realign it back into place using Bowen technique. I was amazed at how gentle the treatment was and how professional Selina was with my daughter. And my daughters ankle has been so much better since the treatment too! She also had such a lovely way about her that my daughter loved and felt very at ease with her. I would highly recommend Selina, you won’t be disappointed!

I had Bowen from Selina and it was an amazing experience. She put me at ease and listened to my issues. She tailored the treatment to my needs. I came out of the treatment feeling really relaxed. I have wide spread pain and it helped to ease it. It was a physical and emotional experience of which Selina supported me through with her skill and knowledge. It is a very gentle but powerful therapy. Thank you.

I suffer from migraines and on the recommendation of a friend visited Selina. I still had the after effects of a bad headache and the gentle but very effective treatment offered by Bowen brought real relief. So much so, that when my 10 year old daughter woke up with a “stuck” neck a few months later, I took her to see Selina. The result was very impressive. She gained movement in her neck and I could see the result immediately after treatment. It had a lasting impact on her as she talked about how much relief she had from it weeks later. Thank you.

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